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11/15/2019 Fellow feature: deanna turner

“I love working with children but I feel like working with the specific demographic of children within Adventure Rowan has given me the opportunity to interact in a different way. The majority of our children are minorities, specifically Hispanic. It is nice to be able to culturally relate with the children while also showing them that they can eat some of their favorite meals, but just with slight changes or in moderation.”


08/22/2019 N.C. trio awarded ECU’s most prestigious scholarship

“I recognized the necessity and void of physicians for the underserved,” said Garcia, adding this awareness was solidified during the two years he spent working with Piedmont Health Services through MedServe, which matches college graduates interested in careers in medicine with primary care physicians in rural and underserved areas of North Carolina.

8/14/2019 Polk County Public Health Services now offered in collaboration with Blue Ridge Health on Walker Street in Columbus

08/06/2019 Treating a Chronic Disease, Beginning with Mental Health

07/30/2019 Clinic Steps Up Efforts to Protect the Hands that Feed WNC

“It gives us a really good access point to the workers,” Claire Chang, a MedServe fellow at Blue Ridge Health, said. “Because the other big things from a public health standpoint that we’re worried about are chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension that are extremely large issues among our migrant population.”

04/03/2019 MedServe: Getting Things Done For Health Equity

“There is a shortage of primary care providers in the United States, and it’s expected to to get worse...Several solutions are needed to address a health equity issue this large. The MedServe program of North Carolina offers an innovative example of how an AmeriCorps program can help make a dent in these numbers.”

02/28/2019 Interview with Dr. Richard Bunio of Cherokee Indian Hospital Regarding the Implementation of a MedServe Fellow

“It seemed innovative and we’re always looking for new recruitment strategies. We even make efforts at the high school here to try and spur interest in healthcare. The hope with the MedServe fellow(s) is that they will pursue a healthcare career and will come back and practice in the area.”

12/17/2018 Pediatrician and Social Entrepreneur: Meet Dr. Anne Steptoe [Episode 246]

“I didn’t realize it, but I had been doing research for MedServe for a long time, seeing the disconnect between being a doctor and the impact I wanted to make. I understood my colleagues and their similar experience, so I had more pieces to start the company than I realized.”

08/02/2018 A new Teach for America-style program takes on health workforce shortages

"Often the people we want to invest scholarship money in—because of where they grew up or their personal connection to underserved communities—either have too much difficulty getting into places like medical school or they have not had the same exposure either to be competitive or to be ready for the scholarship opportunities. And so, our fellows who come and do two years in the program have made a pretty big demonstration of their commitment that we have found to be really attractive to our medical schools and other partners."

05/05/2017 Medserve documentary: rocky mount

05/05/2017 Medserve explainer

“MedServe connects medical students with small communities in need of higher-quality medical care. The program seeks out the most qualified individuals with a passion for making smaller communities better.”

01/05/2017 Helping solve a health care shortage

“Being here has really pushed me to think about family medicine in the future. Being able to see the whole person and treat the whole person has become extremely important to me.”

10/18/2016 Project seeks MHS seniors for medical internships

07/27/2016 Innovative MedServe Program Aims to Reduce Shortage of Primary Care Physicians

07/19/2016 Why your doctor is a social entrepreneur

“Our MedServe clinics engage in local issues revolving around housing and homelessness, food quality, and worker conditions. Given all we that know about socioeconomic and community factors impacting health, how can modern doctors truly do their job and not get involved in social impact work?”

07/18/2016 This health-care start-up wants to be the Teach For America for future doctors

“We offer some “checklist” things (including clinical experience for budding doctors), but the core of our mission is to foster passion that sustains idealists like myself through the brutal medical education process. In doing so, we believe we can show young people a different picture of primary care–one full of small successes and deep inspiration.”

07/14/2016 Fellowship program brings doctors to underserved rural communities

07/11/2016 MedServe: An Investment in our State

“At UNC, we constantly strive to provide empathetic, expert care to all North Carolinians. This is what we call complete care. I am thrilled that MedServe is taking part in our ambitious, yet necessary, mission.”

06/28/2016 A great match – college grads who want medical experience and clinics that have needs

“Unlike 88 percent of medical students, she (Jiyun Chang) wants to be a primary-care doctor. She is now taking part in MedServe, a new program that seeks to inspire interest in primary-care and community-based health careers for high-potential college graduates who are on track for medical school.”

06/21/2016 New Program Launches to Address North Carolina’s Shortage of Primary Care Physicians

“This program is a great opportunity for the students to be exposed to all of the human elements that go into the practice of medicine. You’ll get the science in medical school, but being a physician is an art as much as a science. The most important thing we do is connect with our patients in order to get them to buy into what we know will help them. You can have the greatest training in the world, but if you can’t connect with patients it’s all wasted.”

06/16/2016 How two MD/MBA students might revolutionize rural doctor training 

05/14/2016 MedServe is a winning idea

“UNC system president Margaret Spellings introduced the MedServe founder, Anne Steptoe, to the Board of Governers during her second presidential report last month, congratulating the startup for winning the North Carolina Social Entrepreneurship Contest. Social entrepreneurs Steptoe and O’Shea are both matriculating towards MBA degrees at Duke while respectively pursing MDs from Brown University and Carolina.”

4/20/2016 MedServe: Leveraging HSM Degrees for Good in North Carolina



2/26/2016 From Idea to Launch: How Fuqua MBAs Began MedServe & 4 Lessons They Learned in Launching a Social Venture


Winner: MedServe, UNC-Chapel Hill – essentially, a healthcare version of Teach for America, providing students interested in careers in health care with an opportunity to get hands-on experience in struggling rural health clinics.