clinic partner benefits


two years of high-quality service

Our fellows are hard-working, eager learners. We provide quarterly skill trainings and ongoing supportive curriculum for fellows to ensure they arrive at your clinic prepared and knowledgeable about our changing healthcare landscape. Physicians often report that the passionate presence of a fellow reminds them of why they entered healthcare themselves.

financial support from medserve

MedServe provides clinics an annual $10,000 philanthropic subsidy. Clinics provide $10,000 and cost of benefits towards the fellow’s position. For many clinics, this partnership brings additional manpower to institutions that otherwise may not be able to afford another full-time staff member.

recruitment efforts

We save clinics time by independently recruiting fellows that are well suited to their clinics. All clinics are provided three applicants to interview and ultimately, are the final decision makers in selecting the desired fellow.

programmatic support

Clinics receive active support and benefit from regular check-ins with our staff. We assist clinics in how to best utilize fellows and engage them in your clinic, with the aim to lighten your burden as clinic staff.

clinic partner commitments

2017 Fellow Mary Quaile poses with medical school acceptance letter and mentor Dr. Philip Mitchell of Celo Health Center in Burnsville, NC.

2017 Fellow Mary Quaile poses with medical school acceptance letter and mentor Dr. Philip Mitchell of Celo Health Center in Burnsville, NC.


All Fellows are assigned a supervisor for both their clinical and community role. These individuals will oversee fellows’ time in accordance with AmeriCorps procedures and will share interval data on fellow impact with the MedServe Team. Successful clinic and fellow relationships have benefited from identifying a primary mentor for the fellow to turn to for guidance and support.

monetary support

As AmeriCorps members, fellows are exempt from FLSA and must be salaried workers to receive their monthly stipend. Clinics provide a matching $10,000 towards a Fellow’s annual $20,000 stipend. At the beginning of a two-year partnership, clinics pay a one-time $500 fee to offset administrative costs associated with recruiting and retaining a high-caliber pool of fellows for your clinics.

human resources

A clinic’s human resources department will be required to provide basic documents such as W4s, workers compensation costs to you, FICA costs at the beginning of employment, as well as pay stubs and other documentation at intervals throughout the year.

health insurance

We ask clinics to cover the costs associated with providing benefits, including health insurance, to our fellows. Many fellows elect to stay on parents’ insurance plans.